Cooper, sable cocker spaniel puppy /

Fluffy no more!

Admittedly, I could not wait for Cooper to turn 8 months old. Yes, I might have missed the puppy days, but the fluff, the big Yeti fluff, needed attention. I was itching to handstrip the boy and finally reveal the young beautiful junior cocker spaniel hidden underneath it all.

It took us a week in total. Or about 8 hours, which I expected and quietly prayed that Coop would cooperate. And he did really well. Made me proud. I knew it would be difficult for a young puppy to sit patiently for hours at the end, so, just like I did with Oscar, we split the session into 30 minute intervals, two a day, one in the morning, after our first walk, and the other one – in the evening, just before his dinner.

Since both activities were on Coops list of favourites, he was happy to oblige and behave knowing too well that there will be a reward and lots and lots of treats available.

The process was very easy. Everything was done by hand just as it was supposed to be. This time I also decided to buy professional scissors with the right number of teeth and the length to suit my hand. Granted, I parted with a pair of Vionnet sandals to get my scissors, but having proper tools really did make the difference. I would definitely recommend this option instead of getting grooming tools at the local pet shop. There are several professional ranges out there to suit different budgets and if you have one or two dogs, pick anything in a region of £35-50, ideally German or Japanese made.

And don’t forget a pack of white chalk – it makes it a lot easier to pull the hair out. Don’t apply it on the coat, though. Just glide your fingertips over the surface and the light dusting will give you enough grip.

Now the boy has got an ombre look of a sable cocker and a very shiny, almost laqured-like coat. I had to run and buy him a new collar to compliment the new style. I know, I know, he is one spoilt little pooch.

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We Love | The City Collar

Finally, the one I have been looking for. The most perfect collar for Cooper. The boy is now 8 months old, which means that I can finally choose a grown-up collar and lead set for him. The City collar from Duke Loves Fergie happens to come in a gorgeous shade of chestnut tan that matches his coat. If it doesn’t make it perfect enough, the hardware is plated in rose gold, not brass, adding an extra special touch and complimenting his light rosy-brown nose. It is also hand-made and I do love beautiful things that bear the warmth of humans hands. Will be ordering the medium size and giving it to him on Christmas or maybe holding on until his 1st birthday.