One of the most perfect things for a teething puppy

So, naively, I thought that Cooper lost all but two of his puppy teeth. I guess I simply wanted the process to be over as soon as possible. Then a tooth popped out. And another one. And one more. Basically, even before he got rid of his puppy canines, he had a series of random teeth to deal with. And so did I, obviously.

By now the old toys lost their appeal and I needed something for the boy to bite into. I thought of replacing his leather favourites, but at the very last moment changed my mind and went for a Green & Wilds suede bone.

And hit the jackpot!

Cooper loved it so much that I put three more on order, just to have a supply of them around because I didn’t want to chew the same one forever purely for bacteria-related issues. So far he used it to loosen the teeth, whenever his gums felt sore and whenever he felt like chewing.

Brilliant little toy, absolutely brilliant.

Puppy life, a bumpy moment

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We Love | Give the pup a bone!

I have just received a fresh supply of Wagwear bones for my boy. He loves his peanut one so much I wanted to make sure I have a couple of new ones around, just in case the much-loved chew does not survive.

To be honest, I panicked without the real reason for it. Coop did chew his toy a lot, but it is so tough (yet kind to the pups teeth!) the bone is going to last him for months and months to come.

These really are my favourite chews of all times: safe, made of natural rubber, very tough, lovely to look at and washable. They come in chocolate, peanut, pistachio and cashew flavours. Get one for your teething pup and he will love you forever and ever.

Available directly from Wagwear,  Mungo & Maud and Reservoir Dogs