Halloween dogs / what treats and halloween foods can be dangerous for dogs / cocker spaniel advice / perfect cocker spaniel blog / (C) Image by nancy sticke from Pixabay

Tricky Halloween treats

Halloween should be fun for everyone including our beloved pups. Keep them happy by making sure they don’t intentionally or accidentally treat themselves to…

… chocolate because it contain theobromine that is toxic to dogs.
… any candy & sweets that contain xylitol – it’s extremely dangerous to dogs & tiny amount can be lethal
… any hard candy & wrappers – they can cause intestinal blockages if swallowed
… carved pumpkins because they may be mouldy and, as a result, contain mycotoxins.
… pumpkins with tea lights inside them may burn dogs’ noses.
… glow sticks that dogs may see as fun chews contain a bitter liquid – it won’t pose real danger to your pooch but will cause drooling & vomiting

Have a safe & happy Halloween!

Photo source: image by nancy sticke from Pixabay

Fred, 7 weeks old, chocolate & tan english cocker spaniel puppy (C) Natalia Ashton, Perfect cocker spaniel

And they call it “puppy love”…

Do you know that looking at photos of puppies can rescue your relationships? According to a 2017 study, people who looked at photos of puppies once ever few days for up to 8 weeks, felt more positive about their partners and relationships.

The study was based on a trick called “evaluative conditioning” and included 144 couples who were asked to view photos of pups followed occasional images of their spouses. So here’s to the power of puppies! I wonder how many of them were cocker spaniels?

You can read more about the study in Daily Mail.

Photo source: Fred, photographed by me

Cooper, my red sable English cocker spaniel (C) Natalia Ashton, Perfect cocker spaniel

Q&A | What is a sable colour in English cocker spaniels?

To be honest, I’ve never chosen a puppy based on his colour. It has always been more about the face, personality & little features that made my heart beat faster.

I really don’t care if the sable dogs are “rare” or not allowed in a show ring. Personally I find them beautiful just like I find any cocker spaniel beautiful.

Sables vary in colour a lot. They can be black, chocolate, golden or silver-looking. Often the sable pups are very similar to “approved” colours and the coat changes happen gradually and after the pup is handstripped.

So if you are looking for a sable puppy specifically and not quite sure whether or not your future baby is sable, look at both his fur and eyes. The sables will always have dark hairs (black, chocolate or red depending on their coat) running through their coat. Many may also have a mask around their eyes and running down their nose.

And all sables will have what I call “the Cleopatra eyes” – a solid liner around their eyes.

One thing to bear in mind. Sable cockers can become rather fluffy by the time they are ready to be hand-strip, so their coat will need more time, efforts and attention, both on a daily basis and when groomed. Always have a look at your puppy’s parents – if one of them is not too fluffy, your baby may just grow into the smooth and beautiful cocker, too. If both parents have rich coats, you’ve just signed yourself for plenty of grooming fun.

Photo source: Cooper, photo taken by me