Oscar, Golden cocker spaniel who inspired Perfect cocker spaniel book, best guide for raising English cocker spaniel puppy, tips and advice, all about cocker spaniels / (c) Natalia Ashton, Perfect cocker spaniel


This story would have never happened if it wasn’t for Oscar. In the series of life events he was my third, but will forever be my number one dog. Frankly, not even a dog – he was Oscar, the little universe in his own rights. Our furry boy arrived in 2009 to share the happiest and craziest six and a half years with us. Then he was gone forever. It was too soon, unfair and unimaginably painful. And still if I could do it all over again I would without thinking twice.

He was, and will always be, my baby pup, much-wanted, very loved, and so-so-so beautiful. I wanted to dedicate this little space to him, share his stories and our experience of raising the most wonderful boy, from puppyhood to the last moments we spent with him.

I felt that it would not only help me stay connected, but might be useful to many other people out there dreaming of or living with their perfect little cocker spaniel.

And then one day, a few stories and months later, Cooper, our new little treasure, became a reality. He appeared out of nowhere and brought the rainbow back into my life. I fell in love with him on the spot. And I knew Oscar would understand…

Two years after we found Cooper, Fred joined our family to make it complete.

These days I simply write about cockers. Of course, my boys get mentioned a lot – after all, they are my life and the driving force. But this space once reserved for a few private stories has changed.

“On its journey through history love preserves intact the events it touches” wrote Louise de Vilmorin. Perfect cocker spaniel is exactly that – a keepsake box full of memories and anything that has ever mattered,  one way or another.

My name is Natalia. I have been living with dogs for many years and raised five beautiful boy including Oscar, Cooper and Fred. I am the author of Perfect cocker spaniel guide to the English cockers and Beyond the Doughnut dog treats and meals cookbook, freelance writer, certified (human) nutritionist, certified pet nutrition coach and small animal nutritionist, graduate of VS Academy and self-taught groomer specialising in English cockers.

I hold a bachelors degree, certificate in nutrition advice, diploma in anatomy and physiology, diploma in nutritional therapy, certificate in canine nutrition, certificates in dog cognition and behaviour, animal behaviour & welfare with particular interest in domestic pets. I am a pet nutrition coach, small animal nutritionist and also studied at VS Academy because I wanted to understand and train my dogs in the best possible way. I studied small animal clinical nutrition and also completed a course in TTouch therapy. I regularly attend seminars and webinars on various subjects of canine nutrition to ensure that I am up to date with the latest developments and research.

I have lived with dogs for 30 years and after losing Oscar decided to make a U-turn to return to my childhood dream of dedicating my life to the beautiful canines.

My boys and I have been featured in Town & Country, Dogs Monthly, Edition Dog, Lincolnshire Life, Country Life, The Sun, Huffington Post and Natural Health.

My book, Perfect cocker spaniel, became an amazon bestseller in January 2020.

My second book, Beyond the Doughnut is collection of recipes inspired by my boys’ favourite treats and meals.