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Healthy & easy cooling snack for your dog

If you can slice a cucumber (and have one around), you can make this delicious cooling snack for your dog in no time!

Take a cucumber.

Peel off the skin if it’s not organic or have been wrapped in plastic.

Cut into 2-mm slices

Place them on a plate or tray and place in a freezer

Once frozen, treat your spaniel to a fabulous healthy snack that will keep him hydrated and cool!

Puppies over 3 months old and dogs who have never tried cucumber before should start with 1 slice per day.

Cucumber lovers can have 2-3 slices per day as too much can cause loose stools because cucumbers are full of water and fibre.

Only use fresh raw cucumbers, not pickled or preserved varieties.


Photo credit: Kai Reschke & monicor from Pixabay

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How much water should a spaniel drink?

Do you ever wonder if your cocker spaniel drinks too much water? Or, perhaps, not enough? This is especially curious when you have a little puppy  because they seem to drink a lot, often turning each “session” into a splash and a dip, too.

We don’t tend to think about it, but water is the most important nutrient for dogs. They can survive without food to the point of losing half of body fat and over 50% of body’s protein storage. Yet loosing 10% of water will be fatal.

Water fills every cell of the body and makes up 80% of lean body mass. It is in the blood, in the cells, in every tissue and organ supporting biological function from transport of the nutrients, toxins removal, temperature control and homeostasis to giving shape to the body.

Dogs will naturally lose water through urine, faeces, breathing, panting and sweating (through the paws). Water will also be used to support body chemistry.

How much water does a dog need a day?

There are a few formulas to establish this amount. The basic one is dog’s body weight, kg x 50 (or 60) ml. However the resulting number should only be used as a general reference.

Why some dogs need more water?

The actual need for water will depend on many factors. Puppies and junior dogs usually need more than adults. Pregnant and lactating bitches would drink more, too. Hot weather, changes in body temperature, body composition, stress, vomiting, diarrhoea, illness, certain medications, amount of exercise and type of food will also have an effect on daily water requirements.

Why do puppies drink so much water?

The need for water depends on the amount of lean mass, volume of food needed per kilo of body weight, and what is known as surface area per unit of body weight because the latter determines the speed of evaporation. Puppies eat more yet their surface area per kilo of body weight is larger compared to adult dogs. They are also going through a growing stage when the body need extra fluids. Plus, puppies often have slightly higher body temperature than adults, which also means that the body may need more water to maintain homeostasis  or the balance between chemical and physical states.

Can a dog drink too much?

Yes. This can happen to some avid swimmers who tend to fetch balls and sticks in the water, and dogs who like to play with water hose or sprinkles. If they swallow too much water, it can affect electrolyte levels (the balance of sodium and potassium in the body when sodium levels become low) and cause hyponatremia or water intoxication. The condition can affect several organs and body system, cause brain swelling and be fatal if left untreated. If the dog is affected, he becomes lethargic, looks weak, confused and out of balance, develops gazed look, has vomiting and diarrhoea, and suffers from seizures leading to coma.

How to make sure the dog drinks enough?

Keep an eye on his water bowl. Make sure that your spaniel has an access to fresh cool water at all times. Change it daily and top up if necessary. And always carry supply of water if you go for a walk on a hot day.

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Fashion guide to walking your dog in style | Summer edition

Not that it will be of any particular importance, but I am currenly 120 pages into one of many fabulous volumes on canine psychology, with the boys sleeping nearby and Hendel filling the room with very summery musical hues. A moment like this could not be more perfect for talking about an outfit idea inspired by romance, poetry and English cocker spaniels.

This was my other mood board idea for the editor of a mag I was in touch with a while ago. I adore this particular one because it feels like a journey into the past that connects the beauty, the dogs, the history and culture with the present embodied into a few items of clothing and accessories.

Summer style mood board inspired by nature love & flowers, raffia, straw, florals as seen at Dior, Prada, Valentino, McQueen, Chloe, Emilia Wickstead

So… “Pure Grace” that looks so simple yet comes with a vivid story, almost like a dream that flows. I started with Virginia Woolf and her book Flush, about an English cocker who belonged to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the Victorian poetess. Not only she had the spaniel, but her works were a perfect accompaniment to many collections and looks seen on the Spring/Summer catwalk.

The line for the subtitle, “The Gifts of Paradise” is taken from her poem, “The Lost Bower”, inspired by The Hope End, Browning’s childhood home. It talks about summer, country walks and nature, all the things you get to experience when sharing moments of your life with an adventurous dog like a cocker.

Curiously, this poem also talks about Chaucer, the “first finder of English language” and author of The Canterbury Tales, who included spaniels in the Wif of Bathe’s Prologue. Even though it was merely for comparison, this was the fist ever mention of the spaniels in English literature.

Phew! That’s all the facts for today. I hope you made it this far without falling asleep on your keyboard.

Style-wise, I was inspired by the spring/summer trend focused on nature, florals, raffia and airy volumes and the mix of alluring romance of the Victorian era and the Caribbean (where a part of the Barrett’s family were born).

The bottle of Bvlgari perfume I added to the mix is a part of Le Gemme Collezione Murano and made in Florence, the place where Browning, her husband and Flush lived for many years.

The colour scheme of the mood board and the outfit were chosen to compliment, so selfishly of me, the cover of my book Perfect cocker spaniel and my favourite portrait of Cooper by Sandra Chiocchetti.

And with this in mind, here is a look to try when taking your cocker out for a walk.

Summer outfit idea inspired by cocker spaniels, Virginia Woolf, Elizabeth Browning, Flush the cocker, natural materials, fabrics, floral trends / featuring H&M, Chloe, Mango, Stories, Le Labo, BArc London, Astley Clarke / how to walk dog in style / country outfit ideas / Perfect cocker spaniel (C)

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In my head I pictured a long walk that didn’t necessarily involved muddy paws, just for once. I added a few extras to make it more comfortable and pleasant for both you and the pup, too. A beautiful water bottle to share a drink, a gorgeous little tennis ball for the pooch to chase and a little bottle of perfume oil that smells like rain, just to make you dream.


Photo source: main image by Karen Arnold , field of flowers by Settik27, via Pixabay