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We Love | Pooch & Mutt chews

Praise the day when Pooch & Mutt decided to create a healthier alternative to the horrid well-known dental chews! I really wanted Coop to have something, but Dentastix (ops, slipped off my tongue, pardon me!) were out of the question.

Naturally, we got the boy a couple of Pooch & Mutt Turkey chews as soon as our local Waitrose got them in stock. Size-wise, they are a perfect treat – I’d say, similar to the medium-sized Dentastix. However, this is where the similarities end. Instead of a cocktail of processed by-products and preservatives, the new chew is made of turkey (or duck, or pork), whole peas, oats, vegetable glycerine, linseed, glucose syrup and hydrolysed liver protein and is cold formed to be kind to the nutrients and flavour.

They went down a treat – no digestive issues, no problems apart from Cooper camping by the treat cupboard for hours hoping for seconds.

Granted, Coop gets them as a weekend treat rather than daily. They are 65 kcal per chew meaning that I do need to reduce his daily food quantity a bit (which would make him very-very unhappy!) So it’s little biscuit treats Monday to Friday and a lovely chew on Saturday and Sunday.

Everyone is happy. And this is NOT an ad.


Cooper, red sable cocker spaniel / @cooper.spaniel (c) www.perfectcockerspaniel.com

15 months old – 12 months together

I doubt Coop remembers much of his first ever summer – too young, too silly and way too happy and excited to focus on anything. But not now, not this year…

He’s still a happy bouncy pup, but I have a feeling he sees himself as a real grown-up, a kind of grown-up who has his own agenda and interests. As long as I am nearby, though. Outside he keeps himself occupied by sniffing and visiting every corner and plant, yet loves running and playing with me. He is happy to meet everyone and “talk” to all the living and stationery things, but runs to me whenever he sees a bumble bee or a slug – thankfully, he hates them. He follows me everywhere, yet adores sleeping in the garden whenever he gets a chance… Indoors, he often separates from me to do his own “stuff”, yet loves snuggling next to me – and I am not complaining about this habit, I have never been able to relax unless I had that soft heavy bottom and sweet nose of a cocker firmly pressed against me.

He changed a lot since his puppy hood. The natural progression, of course, but it’s easy to forget the “then” and the “now”. I feel that the life is moving onto the next step, the life with a grown-up dog, in which we are the partners in crime, and no longer – the crazy mum (who am I kidding though?) and the little fragile baby who needs me every second of his life.

I am a lot more relaxed these days, no longer worried about him as much as I did last year, especially during the first months of his life. I can have me-time without feeling guilty, I can read, write, research, sit in front of my laptop or take time to workout – and he will peacefully nap nearby.

I know that he is stronger and much more resistant to the environment. I know the diet and nutrition rules I chose for him are working because he looks amazing. All the hard work of the first year paid off, too – the boy hardly ever pulls the lead, he listens to us (except an occasional moment of selective hearing – typical cocker!), and adores his grooming.

Most importantly I am very grateful to my darling boy for slowly but surely bringing out the old happy me back. I never thought it would happen. But Coop did it. He brought me back to life and he is what he is… My Life. As simple as that.