The magic of human bed

The magic of human bed… Cooper can sleep in it for hours. There’s always a moment in every day when he asks me to take him to bed where he stretches alongside the pillows – tummy up, paws out – and naps and naps and naps. And so we stay together – me, working on my Mac in peace (and boy, when you have a pup every minute of it counts!) and Coop – sleeping beside me. It’s idyllic. It feels like a soft cloud of pure happiness.

Perhaps, when the boy is older and can jump up and down, he will find other spots to enjoy, including his own bed. Oscar certainly did. For now, he is a happy little boy and I am planning to keep it that way.

And as far as the whole “don’t let your dog sleep in your bed” thing… I don’t care. I love my dogs more. Besides, he often has more showers and blow-dries per day than any humans in our family, and I never actually let him under the duvet… or on my pillow. We have an agreement about that.


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