Cooper’s first Christmas

Cooper is the best thing about this Christmas. The rest of it is… alright. Nothing we were particularly worried about because it wasn’t exactly the year to celebrate. Instead we filled the fridge with delicious things, got a bunch of movies, went off leash buying gifts for Cooper and spent every day taking him for a long walk around the golf course.

To be honest, he didn’t even have to wait until Christmas to open his presents because I started giving him one every other day, just for the fun of it. Some he destroyed on the spot as was expected. The Pooch & Mutt biscuits were an absolute hit, just like the Planet Dog chews he can’t seem to get enough of. He also received yet another Simply Fido Bunny because his life is never complete without a bunny in it.

One of the more wonderful thing for me were the cards that Cooper received from his Instagram pals. It may sound silly for some, but I found it so heartwarming and sweet! Indeed I kept them all.