Pup goes travelling

And so off we went on an adventure. It was Coop’s first proper trip in a car from one end of the country to the other. Of course, I could count in his very first journey back home in an opposite direction, but he was tiny and very much asleep the entire time, so that would not really count.

Honestly, I was nervous. Cooper is usually very good in a car but the longest drive we’ve ever had so far would last for about 2 hours if not less. This time we had to travel for at least 3 1/2.

On the day I made sure that he had his breakfast early enough and at least 2 hours before the journey. Then we took him to his favourite place where the boy happily sprinted around the fields and wood for good 40 minutes and most definitely emptied his systems as nature required.

We then returned home. Coop had a wash and blow-dry with me while Simon prepared his place in the car with a soft blanket and my Coops favourite pillow. I also had plenty of water, some kitchen towels and a plastic bag by the seat, just in case.

And despite all my worries, the boy did good! He fidgeted in the beginning mainly because we headed in a completely different direction and he wanted to admire the scenery. Eventually, though, the run and the recent blow-dry won over and he fell asleep for most of the journey, which, frustratingly, took us over 4 hours.

When we finally arrived, the cottage was also new to everyone, but Cooper was brilliant. He still demanded to be let out into the garden, slept in his bed (most of the time) and never lost his appetite. Compared to Oscar who passionately hated all homes but his own, it was such a relief!

Next morning brought yet another little adventure as we all went to explore the villages. At first, Cooper sprinted through the streets in a manner of a mad rocket, but then calmed down and elegantly bounced back to the car like the most obedient cocker spaniel out there.

And then he fell asleep again and hardly ever woke up as we headed back home. I think the only time he would pop his head up was the street lights – the rest of the journey was, as they say, plain sailing.

I think he enjoyed it, though found it rather tiring as he spend the next day napping in our  his bed on my his favourite pillow.