And we are 12 months old!

I cannot believe Coop is one. Where did the time go? I still remember coming across his photo online as if it was yesterday.

What can I say? He changed our lives. Just like all dogs do. In their own, very unique, way. I love the one Cooper’s given us. So different from Oscar, yet neither of them are replaceable (if only I could slow down the time a little…)

The pup has become a young adult. Exceptionally beautiful, the sweetest, incredibly smart, very complicated and utterly spoilt. He loves us and me and him are inseparable to the point of functioning as one at times. He learned his dog tricks (the “sit”, the “down”, ” the paw” and “high five”, “stay” and “come” etc. etc. etc) and makes me happy every day by walking by my side in a sweet bouncy manner because he is so good at loose lead walking (not always, but most of the time, which is good enough for me at this point).

His coat is growing wonderfully. I tidy it up every few weeks, just so it looks as good as it possibly be at this age. The daily routines are tuned to Coops’ perfect schedule: getting up at 6, having breakfast, quick run to the garden, nap, walk, wash, blow-dry and grooming, play, nap, walk, nap, play, nap, dinner and more napping and playing. He is now sleeping through the night, too, which is a blessing.

We switched to his adult food as planned and everything went so smoothly and stress-free! I could not be happier about it. Fingers crossed we can report back in a month or so and make permanent and long-lasting commitment to it as well as expand a little into home-cooked and wet meals once in a while.

Admittedly, when it comes to nutrition, I have been studying it for the last year to fill the gaps and be as confident in dogs nutrition as I am in human. I’m also improving my knowledge in anatomy and physiology as I felt I didn’t know as much as I’d love to.

As the spring approaches, we are looking forward to longer walks, travelling and visiting the National Trust places again. Since Cooper is so good with long journeys and loves to stay in cottages (Oscar would get very miserable about other people’s homes – only liked his own), we may even venture out for another adventure. The time will tell.