We Love | Pooch & Mutt chews

Praise the day when Pooch & Mutt decided to create a healthier alternative to the horrid well-known dental chews! I really wanted Coop to have something, but Dentastix (ops, slipped off my tongue, pardon me!) were out of the question.

Naturally, we got the boy a couple of Pooch & Mutt Turkey chews as soon as our local Waitrose got them in stock. Size-wise, they are a perfect treat – I’d say, similar to the medium-sized Dentastix. However, this is where the similarities end. Instead of a cocktail of processed by-products and preservatives, the new chew is made of turkey (or duck, or pork), whole peas, oats, vegetable glycerine, linseed, glucose syrup and hydrolysed liver protein and is cold formed to be kind to the nutrients and flavour.

They went down a treat – no digestive issues, no problems apart from Cooper camping by the treat cupboard for hours hoping for seconds.

Granted, Coop gets them as a weekend treat rather than daily. They are 65 kcal per chew meaning that I do need to reduce his daily food quantity a bit (which would make him very-very unhappy!) So it’s little biscuit treats Monday to Friday and a lovely chew on Saturday and Sunday.

Everyone is happy. And this is NOT an ad.