Q&A | Should I get a cocker spaniel puppy if I work full time?

One of the most asked questions is SHOULD/CAN I GET A COCKER PUP IF I WORK FULL TIME? In short, no.

All dogs are pack animals & feel happy as a part of a family, not on their own. Cockers, known to be naturally prone to separation anxiety, are even more sensitive to loneliness and spending hours in solitude. Here I won’t even go into keeping a puppy in a cage for hours “to avoid mess” because it simply should not cross your mind.

Young pups need a company most of the time and young and grown up dogs can stay on their own for an hour or two provided they had a lovely walk, meal and entertainment.

Personally I feel that a perfect family for a cocker is the one where family members can be at home most of the time either working from home (my case) or working shifts.

If you have to leave your dog alone for hours, find him a dog sitter, friend or relative and let the pooch get used to this arrangement over a period of time. Worth remembering that your cocker will naturally become more independent and detached from you when he becomes a junior, but he will still need to know that you’re somewhere around or about to come home.

How do you find balance between work & keeping your cocker happy?

Photo source: image by rawpixel from Pixabay