5 good reasons to have a puppy

Why did you decide to have a puppy?

Last night I was lying in bed – Netflix on, boys piled up next to me, dreaming of something… possibly their favourite walk and biscuits… who knows… It was a moment of pure bliss. A kind of moment that makes every effort that goes into raising a pup totally worthwhile.

It got me thinking… Why do we decide to have a puppy in the first place? What are the best things about having a dog – and cocker, in particular?

Here are my personal top 5:

1. Puppies make us happy. Cuddling them triggers release of oxytocin – the “love hormone”. Newborn babies have the same effect on their mums to create a bond between them.

2. Puppies make us active and fit. Running after a little cocker is way harder than having a workout in the gym. Plus, you use your entire body (and feel like a corpse by 9pm…)

3. Puppies are the best weight watchers! Remember that cup of coffee you made in the morning? You were hoping to drink it before the pup is awake… Well, it’s lunch time now – and that coffee is still there waiting for you. Food? Don’t even think about it! Pointless!

4. Puppies make us feel young again. You cannot build a real bond with a pup unless you let yourself be YOURSELF! Run, play, roll in a grass together, laugh, cuddle, act like a kid!

5. Puppies improve our social life & skills. Just think how many people you suddenly get to chat with during your walks! The only problem is most of them will never recognise you without your dog or remember your name (you are destined to be known as “[insert your dog’s name here] mum/dad”


Photo source: Cooper photographed by me