My perfect cocker spaniel

Last week Coop and I went out to take photos. It was a step out of the comfort zone for both of us and admittedly, I felt a little nervous.

I was worried that Coop would be anxious. I was concerned about leaving Fred home alone. I was not sure how comfortable I’d be prancing around with a camera in a manner of David Bailey…

Well, it went splendidly well.

I took them both out for a walk first. Upon return Fred received a few treats while Coop and I got ready to pop out. At first Coop could not even believe the fact that it was just two of us. For a moment there he looked lost and confused and then, suddenly, a huge grin appeared on my baby’s face! I almost wept. I missed “just us” so much!

And off we went. Coop – strolling next to me, no pulling, no stress – just pure joy. Me – looking for pretty spots to take photos.

Eventually we stopped, got the camera out, I asked Coop to wait and got clicking.

Coop was a perfect model. He stayed, got back to pose this and that way, completely ignored people who stopped by to watch him. I was so proud!

After about 20 minuted we headed back home because I was still worried that Fred would be stressed out.

To my relief (and slight disappointment!) the little one walked out to greet us in the calmest manner imaginable! Sort of  “Ah, that’s you two! Alright then…” Coop went off for a drink and I took my time to give Fred lots of cuddles. In return, Fred looked up, walked straight into the garden and waited there for me to go and photograph him, too! It was hilarious!

As soon as the photos we taken he walked back and headed off to the kitchen for a treat. Coop joined him, of course.

Somehow everything felt into place in such a harmonious way that all my silly and not so silly worries simply varnished. I am now looking forward to more trips like this. Me and my boy, my perfect cocker spaniel.

I know Fred will join us eventually. And I am looking forward to those extra special moments, too.