10 ways to make your spaniel happy. And they won’t cost you a thing!

Do you ever feel that having a dog can cost a fortune? Then allow me to share these totally free ideas that you and your pup will enjoy any time.

Quality morning cuddles. Instead of reaching out for your phone or jumping out of bed, spend a few minutes to cuddle with your pup. It will set the mood for the day for both of you!

Have a surprise walk! Add an extra impromptu walk – just grab a lead and go!

Explore new places. Take your spaniel somewhere new, and spend a few moments absorbing everything together, breathing in the air and taking in the scenery.

Let him sniff. Even if it’s just your usual walk, don’t rush through it and let your dog sniff as much as he wants.

Make an obstacle course indoors or in your garden using flower pots, sturdy boxes, broom sticks, old towels, bubble wrap – anything that comes to mind. Teach the pup to step over and walk between these objects, step on surfaces and sniff out treats hidden inside the boxes, toilet or kitchen rolls, egg boxes, shoe boxes – use your imagination!

Bake some biscuits. Ok, you do need to have ingredients, but most of them are already in your fridge and cupboards, so technically you don’t go out to shop. You can use Beyond the Doughnut and Treats for the most indulgent biscuits and bakes.

Play hide-and-seek at home: dogs really enjoy this because they can use their brain to sniff you out and get to run around too!

Give your pup a massage. Ear rubs, head massage or long gentle strokes – anything your dog loves will do just fine.

Teach him a new trick. Cockers are workers. Learning a new activity and rewards that follow will make them feel amazing.

Set the mood with music. There are some wonderful tracks created especially for dogs to help them relax. Available free on YouTube, Spotify and radio. Slightly unconventional choice – my pups and I rather enjoy Enigma that I play via YouTube.

Photo of me and Fred by Elizabeth Clark / I am Family photography


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