My Books

I am sitting here bursting with excitement. So I may even make a few typos because my brain cannot cope with the endorphin bubbles effectively.

I thought I was done with the whole book thing when my Kindle version of the Perfect cocker spaniel went live. I was wrong…

People bought it. Then they emailed me and asked for a paper copy. Frankly, I was glad they did because, just like any old-fashioned bookworm, I was missing the sensation of holding an actual book, too.

So I sat there for a day or two weighing my options and costs and finally decided to go for it. Fingers crossed, the world will be kind.

I even got a publishing name. I could not let my “paper baby” face the world without one. So the Chiot Publishing (chiot means “puppy” in French) was born.

And now my tiny publishing house that can be located on my desk because that’s where all the magic happens, is going to have three different books run under the title of “Perfect cocker spaniel”

The book number one is a special edition full of beautiful coloured photographs that are basically a part of my soul. What feels particularly wonderful is the fact that a copy of this Perfect Cocker Spaniel will be kept in the British Library. Forever.

The book number two appeared because I really liked the cover design and simply could not let sit in a folder forever. Design is, obviously, by me. Again. The one woman orchestra.

This version has fewer images to reduce the costs of publishing. The remaining pictures are black and white. The text is exactly the same as the first book. And it is available worldwide, so anyone can get a copy.

Plus, of course, my Kindle that started it all.

They say one can’t please everyone, but I honestly did my best. Now I can live happily knowing that the memory of Oscar will remain alive forever. And that helps to deal with the heartache a little bit better.

P.S. In 2020 I created my first cookbook for dogs called Beyond the Doughnut. And in 2021 Treats, my second recipe book, was born.