Best christmas presents for dog lovers gift guide / English cocker spaniel dog blog, advice, puppy tips, grooming / (C) Natalia Ashton

The ultimate Christmas gift ideas for dog lovers

Looking for a perfect Christmas gift to please the dog lover in your life? Then your search ends here. From whimsical to chic, I have picked the most beautiful, tactile and wonderful things that will make someone’s holiday season extra special.

Let’s start with the ultimate Christmas must-have. The most beautiful Dog Person jumper any dog mum will adore and wear with pride.

Best christmas presents for dog lovers gift guide / Boden estelle cashmere-blend Dog Person jumper / Perfect cocker spaniel / English cocker spaniel dog blog, advice, puppy tips, grooming / (C) Natalia AshtonIf you know somebody who loves Frenchies, this t-shirt will make them love you almost as much as they love their dogs! Oh, and it’s organic, so good for the body, mind and Planet.

Best christmas presents for dog lovers gift guide / French bulldog printed art organic-cotton t-shirt / Perfect cocker spaniel / English cocker spaniel dog blog, advice, puppy tips, grooming / (C) Natalia Ashton

Now, pyjamas! And not just pyjamas, but the dog printed pyjamas! Suddenly, that christmas morning feels even more cosy!


I guess, socks aren’t particularly glamourous, but hear me out! First of all, they have dogs printed all over. Secondly, they are a daily necessity. And thirdly, if you or your special someone have a cocker, chances are he is a sock thief. To sum up – get these socks!


Best christmas presents for dog lovers gift guide / dog print socks / beneficial herbs for dogs health issues / home remedies for dogs / English cocker spaniel dog blog, advice, puppy tips, grooming / (C) Natalia Ashton

Any sock-equipped tootsies need some pretty bootsies. So if your dog lover is particularly found of country walks, these will be perfect for her!


And don’t forget the gloves! Especially as charming as this pair!


Best christmas presents for dog lovers gift guide / hobbs dachshund gloves / beneficial herbs for dogs health issues / home remedies for dogs / English cocker spaniel dog blog, advice, puppy tips, grooming / (C) Natalia Ashton

Choose this charming Susan Caplan brooch to please an aficionado of all things vintage – and see her eyes sparkle brighter than the crystals.

Susan Caplan crystal vintage brooch / English cocker spaniel dog blog, advice, puppy tips, grooming / (C) Natalia Ashton

And something the pup’s dad! Especially if he is into crisp shirts and beautiful attire. Inject a bit of humour into impeccably tailored suiting by gifting him a pair of these Scotties Cufflinks.

Best christmas presents for dog lovers gift guide / paul smith scotties cufflinks / beneficial herbs for dogs health issues / home remedies for dogs / English cocker spaniel dog blog, advice, puppy tips, grooming / (C) Natalia Ashton

This minaudière crystal-embellished bag by the one and only Judith Leiber is a proof that “all best things come in small sizes”… The little chihuahua will not only replace any statement jewellery, but protect your precious Tom Ford lipstick and American Express during the party season. For the girl who has everything her heart desires… all but this little bag, of course.

Best christmas presents for dog lovers gift guide / minaudière crystal-embellished Mickey Chihuahua bag by Judith Leiber / Perfect cocker spaniel / English cocker spaniel dog blog, advice, puppy tips, grooming / (C) Natalia Ashton

If you are after a more sensible choice for a bag, the MCM bucket bag is the best to go for. The colour will suit most outfits and the practical shape means that it can be used daily from day to night.


Charmwell the velvet pup will be responsible for your keys and smiles. So perfect.



Pug is another pooch that will take care of your belongings, and the financial side of your life in particular, by storing every penny. Now any dog parent can save some cash and treat their beloved dog to something very special.


I love stationery, especially if it comes in a shape of a dog. If your special someone is into stylish office supplies, he or she will adore these dachshund paper clips, trust me on this. Also perfect for a Secret Santa.

Best christmas presents for dog lovers  gift guide /  dog daschhound paperclips / Perfect cocker spaniel / English cocker spaniel dog blog, advice, puppy tips, grooming / (C) Natalia Ashton

Complete the gift with the most elegant handmade dachshund notes by Connor&Thom Browne.



This sweet tin isn’t just a darling stocking filler, but a perfectly prepared dog walking kit that includes a simple lead, folding water bowl, poop bags and a treat pouch.



If you are after something tactile and timelessly beautiful that will add a certain something to the interior, Bobby, the walnut dog, is the one. I love him. And have been for years. Also, I think he is a spaniel.


Candles make any house feel like home, so I simply had to include the iconic Bella Freud Dog candle – my list would not be complete without it. It’s not only extremely sweet to look at, but I am sure the flickering light and delicate scent will definitely bring a moment of sanity for any dog mum who has a crowd to cook and look after during the holidays.


If your dog lover is into crafts, she will adore the idea of crocheting a gorgeous beagle toy! You can also get kits for a labrador puppy and a cocker spaniel.

Best christmas presents for dog lovers  gift guide / TOFT knitting crocheting kit for beagle, cocker spaniel and labrador / beneficial herbs for dogs health issues / home remedies for dogs / English cocker spaniel dog blog, advice, puppy tips, grooming / (C) Natalia Ashton

The nature lover who is particularly found of their garden will be pleased with the Growbar The Dog Bar kit, a seed collection of herbs beneficial for dogs. Now the love can literally grow stronger and stronger as the time goes by. Looks very pretty, too.


Any house-proud dog lover with a keen sense of style will be pleased to receive Teckel dog that holds toothpicks, salt and pepper! Sweet and brilliant.


And just one more thing for the house…. To keep it warm and toasty during winter. Trust this handsome hound to do the job! And he will definitely deliver! Such a dapper dog! Comes as a door stop, too.


For the lovers of the printed word who is particularly fond of the English cockers, I’d suggest Flush, the immortal classic by Virginia Woolf…


Perfect cocker spaniel, the ultimate guide to the breed and finding and raising an English cocker spaniel puppy by yours truly…


…and Dogs in Vogue: A Century of Canine Chic by Judith Watt


No list would be complete without a Christmas tree bauble. Because everyone should have a special decoration to make each year. Here I give you a wool felt Fox Terrier holding a mistletoe. This will bring all the hugs and kisses (and not only puppy ones!) you could wish for.



Photo source: me & the boys photographed by Elizabeth Clarke of Pink Feet Photography


Perfect light grey minimal container for dog treats and dog food / Perfect cocker spaniel dog blog, puppy advice, tips, English cocker spaniel grooming, handstripping, diet, best foods, training, health / (C) Natalia Ashton

We Love | Pet Treat Holder

How long does it take to find a perfect tin for keeping dog biscuits? In my case, and as dramatic as it sounds, over a year.

I knew what I wanted colour-wise, shape-wise, style-wise, lots and lots of “wise”, basically. The problem is that such a tin has never been made.

Until now.

I have been browsing Cox & Cox today looking for a few Christmas-related bits and bobs and suddenly saw it.

The perfect Pet Treat Holder.

Minimal, subtle grey, compact and beautiful. To top it all up, it has the most perfect leather handle!

Seriously, it’s a miracle and I’ve got one on order now. So very much in love…

Oh, and in case you are after dog food storage, there is a large equally-stylish container for keeping your pooch kibble fresh and crunchy.


Photo source: both photos are from Cox & Cox website


Pack of Dogs playing card by John Littleboy for Antiphony / Perfect cocker spaniel blog / best products for dog lovers / English cocker spaniel love, advice, grooming, puppy tips, training, diet / (C) Natalia Ashton

We Love | Pack of Dogs

I spotted these on Twitter earlier today… After months of imagining and looking for a deck of cards that would be all about dogs yet look modern, not something that was painted for kids and metaphorically dipped in every kind of sweet substance to give you visual diabetes…

Oh, the Pack of Dogs, the most artful, whimsical deck, that appeared before my eyes was the dream come true!

Each card is a gorgeous little sketch created by an American artist John Littleboy. The sketches feature different breeds either as nature intended or all dressed up as historic characters from different eras and destinations.

I ordered mine from Etsy a few minutes ago. Not that I am good at pocker – or any card game except the Russian “Fool” (oh yes, I was good at this one as a kid!)… But I love any form of dog art and will probably end up framing some of the suits because they are way too good to be hidden in a drawer.


Photo source: playing card via Artiphany

You & Lou luxury designer woven straw dog basket beds / review first published on Perfect cocker spaniel blog (C)

We Love | You & Lou

As if my list of dog-related obsessions wasn’t long enough (Santa Claus, when you visit, please gift me a credit card!) I found yet another one. The perfect woven dog bed that would fit into our house like a missing piece of jigsaw.

These are made by a South African company called You & Lou who, beside making gorgeous beds, are clearly in love with cocker spaniels. Which makes them utterly perfect in every way.

Hope I can spoil my boys in a few months. Thankfully, no teething puppies in this house, so the princes will be enjoying the basket – and I will be basking in the glorious view from the comfort of my pathetic little chair.

Again, it’s not a sponsored post… The feeling of love for the bed and its look was too strong. I had to put it in writing…

Photo source: The Tuli bed by You & Lou

Water Wipes, best wipes for puppies / first time puppy advice and tips on Perfect cocker spaniel blog (C)

We Love | WaterWipes

I’ve discovered Water Wipes two years ago when preparing for the arrival of Fred. And now I can’t imagine being without them. I know, it’s #firstworldproblems but hey…

I use them to clean my boys paws after non-muddy walks (I’ve posted about importance of clean paws a while ago, so scroll down for a read)

They are indispensable with young pups – to wipe paws, bottoms & tummies

The wipes can work as a mild disinfectant for your hands during walks, on grooming surfaces, to wipe toys, or wee spots (after you clean them first, of course!)

Unlike ANY other wipes, including the ones sold as “natural”, “organic”, “puppy friendly” etc, these are made with water and some grapefruit seed extract (it has antibacterial properties) only, so they are non-toxic & very unlikely to cause any sensitivity (skin or digestive) reaction in pups as opposed to any wipes made with essential oils, aloe vera, waxes, “odor neutraliser” (whatever it is!), preservatives, polysorbates, flavours, proteins (why?), polyaminopropyl boguanide, dimethicone, PEGs, triclosan, fragrances, parabens, zinc, SLS, DMDM hydantoin etc.

Yes, I like it simple. Because I love my dogs and I hate overloading their bodies with unnecessary chemicals, which ALWAYS carry short- and long term side-effects that go way beyond the skin reaction.

Brilliant product, absolutely brilliant.

This post has not been sponsored or gifted. I simply love this product.
Note: these aren’t biodegradable, so please bin them – don’t flush them down the toilet.

Photo source: Water Wipes UK

Molly & Stitch hand made leather dog collar and lead, plaited leather, hand-made dog collars, olive green leather collar and lead

We Love | Molly & Stitch

My relationship with dog accessories is both simple and complicated. I want the best for my boys. As simple as that. Yet it is often a challenge to find the products that meet my rather long check list.

Sometimes I look back and wonder how we lived when the choice was rather scarce. Oscar had very few things. He didn’t care about toys much – my slipper was always the best thing in the whole world. He didn’t really care about his collars and leads either, but I did…

On his first birthday Oscar received a collar and lead set hand-made to order by a company that specialised in leather accessories. The set was beautiful, but in time it started to look tired and most definitely not as special as I’ve always imagined. Even now it makes me feel heartbroken thinking that my wonderful boy did not get what he truly deserved. I know it would be the last thing on his mind (he was a dog, after all!), but I wish, I so wish, we had Molly & Stitch back then.

I’ve discovered them when Cooper was a youngster. Luckily for my bank account, Coop was sorted pretty well from the start having acquired a fabulous collection of collars and leads to suit every need and walk. Besides, I really wanted an all-leather collar, which was not available at the time. So I left things to marinate for a while.

And before we knew, Fred joined us and, in a blink, grew up.

As his first birthday approached, I knew I wanted him to have a Molly & Stitch collar as the only option. The collar that would be known as  “Fred’s collar”, worn day to day, age beautifully and remain soft to the touch regardless of its wear. Somehow I feel connected to my boys through their accessories – and it would hurts me visually and emotionally if they did not have the very best I could afford. I ordered a classic leather Butter collar and a gift box to put it in (which I now use as a keepsake box for Fred’s puppy things)

I confess, when the collar arrived I spent a few days taking it out of the box to hold and smell. I was smitten. The scent took me back to my childhood and the smell of leather shoes found in a traditional shoe shop where I’d happily camp for hours. The softness of the leather was addictive. It was definitely the right present for my spoilt boy.

And it was definitely a kind of collar I also wanted to Cooper. So I’ve got one for him, too. In olive. To compliment his eyes.


Plus the extra long leather dog leashes, which turned out to be so, so soft, it was orgasmic to touch them!

Perhaps, it’s a little silly to wax lyrical about dog collars and leads paragraph after paragraph, but if the love for a dog could be put into a product, I’d say it’s Molly&Stitch.

Everything my boys have is special, from the product and the box to the little label that bears a name of a person who made that particular piece. The experience is very tactile. The quality is wonderful. And it’s not only about the leather. Regardless of how much we paid for a collar and lead in the past, it’s only the brass hardware of Molly&Stitch that remained shiny and golden even though Fred’s collar was exposed to heavy rain, mud, dirt and daily use.

I really do love everything these guys do. I know that in time our collection will grow because I now dream of rope leads and dog beds, too. I think, I am addicted – and it’s an addiction I don’t want to be cured from.

Molly & Stitch hand made leather dog collar and lead, plaited leather, hand-made dog collars, olive green leather collar and lead

Photo credit: Molly & Stitch olive green and classic “Butter” collar and leads photographed by me

Brasilia sofa dog bed that looks like coffee sacks by Hunter

We Love | Dog bed for the coffee lovers

I realise that my love of coffee can be seeing as an obsession sometimes. I honestly cannot function unless I have my morning drink, and my brain goes mellow every time I smell the familiar intoxicating scent.

Naturally, a dog bed that looks as if it was made of coffee sacks had my name written all over it. I first saw it months ago. Back then the style did not quite suit our house, so I saved the photo for my wish list and eventually forgot about it completely.

But the bed found me – it called my name again and this time I could no longer resist the call. I told myself that the boys needed a new large bed anyway, which makes a good enough reason. Beside the design I also loved the idea of easy cleaning and natural antibacterial protection thanks to the colloidal silver solution.

As I am typing this, our new Brasilia dog bed is on its way. I hope the boys love it as much as I do.