And it’s been a week already

Cannot believe it’s been a week since we brought Cooper home! The time flew by… The boy looks stronger, grown up and definitely more confident. Instead of the shy puppy he was last Sunday, Coop is now an explorer,  biter and kisser. And he is absolutely gorgeous!

So far he leant his name, “Come”, “Bed”, “Mummy”, “Daddy” and, surprise-surprise, “Food” and “Kitchen”. He also uses garden whenever the nature calls unless he is too distracted by having fun. And in my turn I’ve leant a few habits of his that help to encourage all the positive changes that make everyone’s life easier long term.

He is also happily wearing a collar (and the one from Pets at Home was definitely the best) and also tried walking on a lead, which didn’t seem to bother him in the lightest.

Diet-wise – he is now fully on Royal Canine Cocker Spaniel Junior. In addition, he has already tried a little fresh cucumber and this week will be having a little grated carrot in one of his meals every day.

Oh, and he is teething. Big time.


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