Teething puppy & his toys

Oh, those sharp puppy teeth! Right now I look like a victim of self-harming because Cooper is teething big time and it means he is biting into everything and anything including our hands.

Of course, we try to discourage the biting by constantly sticking one of his favourite toys between his mouth and our fingers – and often it helps – but once in a while the toy isn’t there or we aren’t quick enough.

The good news is that the furniture is still in one piece and even the garden plants are surviving nicely and I think the toys and regular play times help a lot here.

When it came to the choice of toys I refused to rely on plastic Nylabones and Kongs because I was never quite convinced by the chews and never liked the idea of stuffing the Kong with food and treats because in 99% chanced it would turn into a habit of eating extra food and snacks (and high possibility of weight gain and, with cockers love of food, a bit of an addiction).

Instead we got him several toys made of cotton ropes and linen, a hemp donkey, a Beco ring and bone, Kong’s knot bear and a tweed mutant rabbit. Ironically, Cooper never quite warmed up to any of these for more than a day, but instead showed a lot of interest in anything with tassels or made of suede. As a result, I ended up buying him suede ball and bone and carrying his Petstages Puppy pal everywhere. The ironic thing is that after all the shopping efforts Cooper chose a cardboard kitchen towel rolls, an old linen box and a tassel with knots I made for him out of my cotton belt, which somehow made me realise that I am definitely done with buying toys and instead should simply make a few myself.

Fingers crossed there will be time for me to do it. Really fancy making a cashmere teddy bear for my boy.


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