One of the most perfect things for a teething puppy

So, naively, I thought that Cooper lost all but two of his puppy teeth. I guess I simply wanted the process to be over as soon as possible. Then a tooth popped out. And another one. And one more. Basically, even before he got rid of his puppy canines, he had a series of random teeth to deal with. And so did I, obviously.

By now the old toys lost their appeal and I needed something for the boy to bite into. I thought of replacing his leather favourites, but at the very last moment changed my mind and went for a Green & Wilds suede bone.

And hit the jackpot!

Cooper loved it so much that I put three more on order, just to have a supply of them around because I didn’t want to chew the same one forever purely for bacteria-related issues. So far he used it to loosen the teeth, whenever his gums felt sore and whenever he felt like chewing.

Brilliant little toy, absolutely brilliant.