11 months & sailing smoothly

We are almost a year old. I find it hard to believe, to be honest. It feels really odd because I still remember picking Cooper up – Joanna bringing him out in a manner of a Lion King scene, me holding him for the very first time, too emotional to notice anything or anyone else and Coop – first fiercely nibbling on my sleeve and then – staring at the sun in owe as if he saw it for the very first time.

All in the past now. The boy is a junior. A very handsome junior. So beautiful in fact that at times we feel inadequate next to him.

Those last few months have been wonderful. Longer nights, more cuddles, no vets, all smiles and long walks. His coat is becoming more and more stunning  – a fluffy, silky melange of caramel and toffee. Yes, Coop is simply… delicious! And I am lucky to be his mummy.

There have not been many changes in food or training lately, but since he is almost 12 months old, I have started looking for a perfect adult food replacement as well as a grown-up collar and lead set.

I am still planning to cook half of his meals myself and use kibble along side as well, so I have been reading and re-reading my canine nutrition books and scouting the web for natural dogs foods. Right now, the most perfect recipe is made by Burns and is Burns Alert Chicken . The ideal formula for cockers even through they might have not realised it. I think if they did, the company could have started their own line of breed specific dog foods.

I did look at the other brands, too, but they are either created by people who are not qualified canine nutritionists or vets, contain yucca or garlic (or both!), too high in protein or completely grain-free. I’ve also came across two brands that refused to put the exact ingredients on their label referring to them as “herbs”, “vegetable mix” or similar. When I contact them about the actual herbs or vegetables saying that my dog is allergic to certain ingredients, they responded with “it’s a trademark secret”… No words. They’d rather put some dogs at risk than disclose the full ingredients list.

On the other hand, Burns, when I emailed them, were an absolute delight! They always responded with plenty of advice, answered every question I had including details they would not even put on a bag label (because I am an absolute pain when it comes to information!) as it is not exactly essential. I just hope Cooper will love my choice.

As I am typing this, the boy is sleeping next to me and it is an absolute joy. It feels that life is slowly getting back to its happy state.