We Love | My Sweet Valentine

St Valentine’s Day is coming up. Normally I’d just say something along the line of “yeah, right” because on a human level I don’t do Valentine’s Day. I think that love is worth celebrating as it happens, every day and one should never wait until 14 February in order to say something special or suddenly rush out and buy a present – the latter simply does not work for me. On the human level.

Dogs, on the other hand, are a completely different matter. It’s nice to spoil them with yet another toy or special treats. In some way it actually is the most perfect day to celebrate St. Valentines – us, humans, spoiling a special pooch and feeling our hearts going all soft and marshmallowy. “And they call it puppy lo-ooove… Oh, I guess, they’ll never knooooow…”

I don’t know what I am going to get Cooper just yet, but here’s a list of the most perfect gifts that have LOVE written all over them, whether literally or through the way they were made.

First of all, the obvious. No, not blinding pink thing! No way. I am talking Teddy Bears. Because nothing says “I Love You” better than the cutest, sweetest toy.

Besides I am absolutely in love with these two. Aren’t they adorable?!


Tommy is a part of the Max Bone family and Albert lives at Maison Le Lou. I want them both. I would not even mind having them for myself. Now you know you are dealing with dog lover slash teddy bear addict. And I am not even ashamed to admit it.


The present is chosen, it’s time to accessories. I am thinking a scarlet red velvet bow tie from Max Bone for the “lover boy” (available from Max Bone) and His and Hers luxury dog collars from Maison Le Lou because the colours, leather and gold plated finish are simply irresistible! Can my boy pull off a raspberry pink? Oh, yes! It takes a real boy to do that and mine is definitely the one for the job!


Now, the life comforts. The Cloud 7 bed makes a luxurious love nest for the most demanding pooches. I have a feeling sleeping in the Cloud 7 is the sure way to cloud nine and enjoying the permanent state la vie en rose.


And of course, we need treats! I love Mungo & Maud love heart biscuits. And a beautiful ceramic Mia Cara jar to store them in. Because beautiful objects make the food taste particularly good.


Last, but not least, the little happy objects that can a) turn the pup into the sweetest cupid and messenger, b) put a smile on anyone’s face including my (and your) own, c) be a toy that lasts for months to come.


I am talking about a jumper from Duke Loves Fergie Valentine’s collection, a witty Growlee tag, Planet Dog Heart Orbie and, oh yes, Hiro+Wolf heart-shaped poop bag holder – a little piece of hand made luxury for every style-conscious dog parent out there.


Photo source: Rupert Fawcett Off the Leash, Max Bone, MiaCara, Duke Loves Fergie, Maison Le Lou, GrowlmamaHiro+Wolf & Planet Dog