Q&A | What are the colours of English cocker spaniels?

Cockers are like confetti… or a bag of M&Ms: very colourful! The first cockers were solid black and blue roan, but in time the breed became one of the most colourful out there.

Cockers come in solid gold, red (very deep shade of gold, very similar to chestnut), black and chocolate (also known as less-poetic sounding liver); blue, orange, lemon and chocolate roan; black & white, black & tan, chocolate & tan, chocolate & white, orange & white; chocolate white & tan, black white & tan, liver white & tan.

The parti-coloured coats can also be ticked – have spots of colour on white areas (in roans the spots are more “blurred”) Solid cockers should have no white spots, though a white mark on the chest is acceptable.

Sable cocker spaniels, as gorgeous as the can be, are no accepted by the Kennel Club as one of the “official colours”. Bear this in mind if you want to show your pup in the future.

Photo source: Fred photographed by me