Oh, boy… it’s been a while

Finally, oh, finally, I am reunited with my journal. My every intention was to keep going no matter what, but since Fred’s arrival most plants were either forgotten or postponed until further notice. It really was a challenging time raising him and making sure Cooper is happy, too.

But somehow I did it. We went through the snow storms, rain falls, upset tummies, tears (mine, not his!), teething (his, not mine!), seasons of insects and heatwaves, logistics of feeding and walking two dogs, training lessons and hours of utter bliss also known as puppy cuddles. Whenever I felt totally rubbish, my darling husband would say “you’ve done it so many times and you can do it again” and somehow his faith in my skills kept me going… No matter how many sleepless weeks it took, and no matter how many times I cried because I was so very tired, frustrated or plainly scared, I got my boys to the point when we can happily live every day as it comes.

To be fair, Fred has been a wonderful puppy. In fact, he reminds me of Oscar a lot and it is yet another trait that makes him rather special. I love the boy with all my heart. He is just lovely, absolutely lovely. Always happy, always smiling and, how should I put it, “self-sufficient”… From day one he not only proved to be incredibly intelligent and resourceful, but also very calm. Provided that he was done with the toilet, had his food and playtime, Fred really does enjoy his personal moments and space and looks utterly adorable wondering off to yet another undisclosed location (usually his favourite sofa, my bed or the corner of a chair) with a chew.

He also turned out to be a real kamikaze! From his first days Fred showed real interest in climbing stairs, jumping on and off everything regardless of height, squeezing into every corner and hunting every bug and fly he came across. The levels of puppy proofing went beyond imaginable! We blocked the stairs, door ways, put up puppy fences around the garden to somehow stop the little adventurer pulling down the twigs of the bushes (he still figured it out, though)

Basically, life has been a mad circus… and flew by before I had a chance to take a breath and memorise it.

Then it became better and easier, more fun and less stressful. These days we get up at 6 for breakfast and toilet (mainly led by Cooper who would never ever miss his breakfast), have a little nap (again, according to Cooper’s schedule – Coop is napping, Fred is chewing and I am supervising) and go for a walk an hour later. Once back, the boys enjoy their morning biscuits and have a good old run around the garden until they collapse, happy and satisfied. Comes afternoon, they have training lessons, more naps and a wonderful walk in the countryside.

And I finally get time to work on my most special project, exercise and maintain the house the way it deserves.

It would be misleading to say that the moments of madness and puppy days are gone. Of course, Fred still requires plenty of attention and most definitely – entertainment and training. Soon I will be hand striping him, too. Still, I am pleased with what we have achieved so far. And I am grateful for this little guy. He is LOVE.



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