We Love | Dog bed for the coffee lovers

I realise that my love of coffee can be seeing as an obsession sometimes. I honestly cannot function unless I have my morning drink, and my brain goes mellow every time I smell the familiar intoxicating scent.

Naturally, a dog bed that looks as if it was made of coffee sacks had my name written all over it. I first saw it months ago. Back then the style did not quite suit our house, so I saved the photo for my wish list and eventually forgot about it completely.

But the bed found me – it called my name again and this time I could no longer resist the call. I told myself that the boys needed a new large bed anyway, which makes a good enough reason. Beside the design I also loved the idea of easy cleaning and natural antibacterial protection thanks to the colloidal silver solution.

As I am typing this, our new Brasilia dog bed is on its way. I hope the boys love it as much as I do.


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