For the love of spaniels | Celebrating national dog day

Lets celebrate National Dog Day and our love of spaniels – shall we?  Most of the time my love of dogs channels into anything and everything my boys could enjoy, wear or use, but today I am making an exception.

Today is all about beautiful treats for the spaniels parents who are just as mad about their pups as I am. And don’t worry, there will be no nasty cheap t-shirts and mugs that hurt the eye. Instead I found a few beautiful things that you can enjoy for years to come.

Look at this beautiful sofa sculpture! Isn’t this little guy scrumptious?! Perfect for a chair, sofa or even a shelf. Absolutely adore this spaniel!

cocker spaniel sofa cushion sculpture

Another way to celebrate your cocker spaniel is to have a customised hand made felt sculpture. This will be personalised and based on a portrait of your cocker spaniel. If the sculpture is not something you fancy, you can get a sweet custom-made brooch instead.


Now, lets get something for the happy place, the sofa. The place where both you and your cockers can cuddle and relax. This cushion is definitely a conversation starter and can suit many homes, from rustic cottages and country houses to artsy flats and modern apartments.


And here is something for the table… A perfect salt and pepper set, though I’d probably just keep them on a shelf like two miniature sculptures.

golden cocker spaniel salt and pepper set

Last, but not least… A spaniel that will always hold the door for you like a real gent, which cockers are known to be.


Photo source: Cooper & Fred photographed by me, Cocker spaniel sofa sculpture photographed by Studioteque Photography David Filipponi © 2018 and MW Photography Marta Watroba © 2018


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