Q&A | How to help a puppy settle in his new home?

I may be rubbish at many things but helping my new pups feel happy at their new home is something I’ve never had problems with.

As a list-obsessed person I’ve come up with a set of my own rules. Tick-done-tick-done. Works every time. There are no crying puppies in this house.

And here it is…

… create a calm and cosy house to come to;
… get a toy or puppy blanket from the breeder with the scent of mum & litter mates;
… get a safe & snuggly cleanable bed that pup can’t destroy (plastic ones are best, use VetBed & puppy blankets to make them warm & comfy);
… allow the pup plenty of time to sleep & relax;
… use the food & feeding schedule given by the breeder;
… share the room/bedroom with the pup to start with;
… allow puppy to explore his new home, but limit him to 1-2 rooms for the first few weeks;
… explain puppy do’s & don’t’s to the kids;
… don’t invite visitors for the first few days (even better, wait until the quarantine is over);
… don’t hesitate to phone the breeder for help & advice.

Got any puppy questions? Just ask!

Photo source: Fred, photographed by me