I wrote a book

Three years of my life, two gorgeous dogs and a bucket of tears. That’s what it took me to get from an idea of writing a book to publishing Perfect cocker spaniel.

As surreal as it sounds, I wrote a book. An actual book!

Why? Because it was my way to keep the memory of Oscar alive. Because I love books. And dogs. And simply because I wanted to share everything I knew about English cocker spaniels with both the new puppy parents and absolutely everyone who simply adores the breed as much as I do (and I can talk about cockers 24/7, so it’s practically a disease!)

What is it about? Everything. I’ve complied a massive Theory to encourage cocker parents to understand their dogs and give them the most appropriate care (and all the love they deserve). There’s a chapter about health, and another one – on first aid. There are chapters on grooming and hand-stripping because I get asked so many questions about my boys’ beauty routine. And of course, there’s another huge chapter on dog’s nutrition and diet.

Once you (fuelled by caffeine and inappropriate thoughts of killing me on the spot for torturing your brain) get through the first part, you are rewarded with an easy-to-follow guide for puppy parents. It’s like diving into the world of unicorns and sparkles. Plus a dash of reality. But I promise, you will enjoy it!

The reason I went so deep with writing a guide that, in its physical form, would weight a ton, is my own experience of attending a year-long study course before I had my first puppy. By the time he was born I could discuss anything from dog’s anatomy and physiology, breeds, nutrition and training to breeding and raising puppies. I could cook meals for my dogs and knew how to show them.

In other words, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into, so the feeling of responsibility was palpable.

A lot has changed since then but the way I perceive my role of puppy’s mum remains the same. I truly believe that anyone must have a solid knowledge of finding, welcoming and raising a dog. And this core knowledge must be obtained before the puppy is here because puppy parenthood is not an easy ride and the puppy – is not a toy, it’s an actual living and breathing little being who completely relies on his parents to live, thrive and grow into a beautiful and healthy dog!

I wrote this book for Oscar. I wrote it for the love of my beautiful boys. I wrote it for every English cocker spaniel out there because they are simply the best dogs one could have!

If you agree with me, Perfect Cocker Spaniel is the book for you. Do let me know what you think of it. But, please, be gentle.

Photo source: the cover is designed by me, the portrait of Cooper is by Sandra Chiocchetti