Q&A | What makes a perfect chew for a teething puppy?

There is a piranha in every puppy! Yes, even the sweetest puppy can release the hidden demon that will shred the legs of your sofa or a pair of favourite shoes.

How to avoid this?

Give your pup a chew!

And not any chew, but a puppy-friendly chew.

Here’s a check list that can help!

Pick a chew that has “a give” – you can bend or flex them, and the toy is not rock hard.

Choose toys made of non-toxic rubber, natural cotton rope or suede.

Apple slices and carrot pieces make fab chews.

Avoid any chews made of nylon, latex, plastic, rawhide, or hemp (hemp is ok for playing but a heavy chewer can pull it apart and swallow too much).

Never give your puppy antler chews or rawhide. You can consider antlers once the pup is over 12 months old, but personally I do not recommend them, especially for heavy chewers due to high risk of injuries.

Roots and special wood stick can be an option for pups with permanent teeth. Never leave your puppy unsupervised whilst he’s playing with his treat.

What are your favourite puppy chews?

Photo source: Fred at 3 months old, photographed by me