We Love | WaterWipes

I’ve discovered Water Wipes two years ago when preparing for the arrival of Fred. And now I can’t imagine being without them. I know, it’s #firstworldproblems but hey…

I use them to clean my boys paws after non-muddy walks (I’ve posted about importance of clean paws a while ago, so scroll down for a read)

They are indispensable with young pups – to wipe paws, bottoms & tummies

The wipes can work as a mild disinfectant for your hands during walks, on grooming surfaces, to wipe toys, or wee spots (after you clean them first, of course!)

Unlike ANY other wipes, including the ones sold as “natural”, “organic”, “puppy friendly” etc, these are made with water and some grapefruit seed extract (it has antibacterial properties) only, so they are non-toxic & very unlikely to cause any sensitivity (skin or digestive) reaction in pups as opposed to any wipes made with essential oils, aloe vera, waxes, “odor neutraliser” (whatever it is!), preservatives, polysorbates, flavours, proteins (why?), polyaminopropyl boguanide, dimethicone, PEGs, triclosan, fragrances, parabens, zinc, SLS, DMDM hydantoin etc.

Yes, I like it simple. Because I love my dogs and I hate overloading their bodies with unnecessary chemicals, which ALWAYS carry short- and long term side-effects that go way beyond the skin reaction.

Brilliant product, absolutely brilliant.

This post has not been sponsored or gifted. I simply love this product.
Note: these aren’t biodegradable, so please bin them – don’t flush them down the toilet.

Photo source: Water Wipes UK