We Love | Dug & Bitch Nose #2

My miracle in a jar… I’m sure most girls will understand me when I say that the idea of not having Nose No. 2 available is as heart-breaking as having your favourite shade of lipstick being discounted.

So I hope it’ll never happen…

I discovered Dug&Bitch in a manner of a meg pie. The bird looks for shiny pretty things – I get tempted by chic looking objects, even if they are some ordinary tins.

One day I spotted the Nose balm & decided to get it, just in case.

Back then Fred, still a pup, was suffering from keratosis on his nose. Long story short – aged 5 days Fred almost didn’t make it. His breeder nursed him back from the other side, but the puppy food had to be high in vitamins to do the trick. As a side-effect, his body reacted by overproducing skin cells. And it was my job, as a mum, to fix it.

Shea butter was the answer because it’s healing, packed with beneficial oils, which make it anti-inflammatory, and it’s brilliant for a long list of skin concerns.

Plus Nose No. 2 had the coconut oil. Which is my life-line externally & internally.

After a week of daily applications Fred’s chocolate muzzle went from dry & cracked to shiny & super-kissable.

Since the jar was still full to the brim, I continued using the balm as a maintenance treatment… From there we also moved onto paws, skin, any bug bites & minor scratches, boys bums & tums, the list went on… For example, if your pup has a light-coloured muzzle, you can use Nose No. 2 as the best natural toxin-free sunscreen. And if your dog tends to suffer from mild eczema (but only it was diagnosed by a vet!) or lip fold dermatitis (especially as a preventative measure) the balm may be useful, too.

The tin lasts me almost a year. And I always repurchase this love potion. Star product, 5-star and beyond.


And I haven’t been paid or compensated in any other way to say any of it. Had to say it for the sceptics.