A matter of choice

The reality check kind of post. It hurts to write it but I’m going to share my thoughts anyway.

Over the last few years (and especially after joining Instagram) I’ve seen so many posts about dogs that have been stolen, abused or poisoned by creatures who call themselves “human beings”.  And I know how much it hurts to be separated with your dog in such a cruel way.

No dog parent deserves it. But even more, no dog deserves it.

You know what makes me hurt the most? In 99% cases it happened to dogs who were left unsupervised… Alone in their garden, alone – tied up by a corner shop, alone – in a car. .
The dogs did not have a choice. It was their owners who chose to leave them “for a sec” or “for a few hours”… These people are still here, heartbroken, but alive and here.

Nobody knows (or would even dare to imagine!) what could possibly happen to those dogs.

So please, hate me or not, but don’t leave your dogs alone in public places, your back garden or the car. Especially dogs as small and friendly as cockers. Stay with them – and if you can’t, leave them at home, safe and secure.

Because dogs can’t make a choice. But you can.

Photo source: image by Pexels from Pixabay