We Love | H2O4K9

Do you remember the time when getting ready for a walk required a rucksack full of bulky dog ammunition? Among all the poop bags, treats, tissues, combs, leads etc.etc.etc. there was always a plastic water bottle and some kind of drinking bowl.

The longer was the walk the heavier the load… Beside the weight it was always a bit messy because the bowl would eventually be used and become wet and dirty…

Honestly, I know I’ve perfected the British art of complaining by now, but I found the whole affair frustrating.

Then the H2O4K9 was released. And since that day there was not a walk when we wouldn’t carry the bottle with us.

Why I love it so much? Because it allows me to carry a plentiful water supply. It’s made from stainless steel, so much more hygienic & health-friendly than plastic. It’s reusable – unlike plastic. And the lid is shaped to be a drinking vessel completely taking away the need to carry any extra paraphernalia.

I noticed that there’s also a new option available now. It’s designed to keep the water cool for longer. It lasts for years.

The bottle comes in several sizes, I use the large one because my boys prefer the shape of the lid and I can carry enough water for both of them.

The only negative is that the coloured bottles can be scratched when you put the lid back on taking off the pretty painted finish. If you think it’s going to bother you, get the plain stainless steel version. It looks perfect after years and years of use.

This post hasn’t been sponsored or compensated. The bottle is one of my personal must-haves when it comes to dog products. All opinions are my own.