We Love | You & Lou

As if my list of dog-related obsessions wasn’t long enough (Santa Claus, when you visit, please gift me a credit card!) I found yet another one. The perfect woven dog bed that would fit into our house like a missing piece of jigsaw.

These are made by a South African company called You & Lou who, beside making gorgeous beds, are clearly in love with cocker spaniels. Which makes them utterly perfect in every way.

Hope I can spoil my boys in a few months. Thankfully, no teething puppies in this house, so the princes will be enjoying the basket – and I will be basking in the glorious view from the comfort of my pathetic little chair.

Again, it’s not a sponsored post… The feeling of love for the bed and its look was too strong. I had to put it in writing…

Photo source: The Tuli bed by You & Lou