Style outfit ideas for dog walking in fashion / Spring edition / Camel outfit ideas / Cashmere jumper, leather trousers, puff jacket, suede leather bag / Perfect cocker spaniel / pet blog (C) Natalia Ashton

Fashion guide to walking your dog in style | Autumn edition

Yes, the style part of the blog is back. And hopefully back for good. I had so many requests that I simply could not sit back, wave and say “No”. You want it. I love it. So it’s decided. Dog mums, this is for you.

I’ll start with an outfit that very much resembles what I am currently wearing to stay cosy. It’s my idea of feeling good with minimum effort because early morning walks are not the time when I want to think too much about dressing up. All I want is to keep my eyes open, stay upright and awake, and find enough energy to (literally) pull on a few pieces of clothes, ideally no buttons, dot a drop of perfume because it smells particularly lovely when the air is frosty, and head out to entertain my pups.

I included two pairs of gloves. The leather ones are a style steal and perfect when you are leisurely wandering with your spaniel on tow. The fingerless pair will keep your hands warm when you are training and using rewards or want to take photos.

an idea for dog walking outfit in style including layering with wool coat, sweater, pull on trousers, scarf and pompom hat. Featuring Vince sweater, H&M coat, Reiss accessories, wool scarf, Dr Martens boots, natural organic make-up, Le Labo perfumes, and Mango leather bag with gold buckle. Created and shared on Perfect cocker spaniel blog / UK website about English cocker spaniels, puppy tips, dog nutrition, diet, training and grooming by Natalia Ashton (C) UK-based canine nutritionist, small animal nutritionist, pet nutrition coach, food stylist and photographer, dog mum, author of Perfect cocker spaniel, Beyond the Doughnut and Treats.

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Fred, chocolate cocker spaniel puppy in the snow photographed by Natalia Ashton (C) Perfect cocker spaniel / Copyrighted / English cocker spaniel guide to how to choose, find, raise a puppy, grooming and hand-stripping english cocker spaniel, cocker spaniel diet, nutrition, health advice

Does a cocker need a coat?

This weather is no joke, so I got an adorable photo of Fred and his irresistible bum as a part of the “let’s keep smiling” package deal.

And talking of packages… Do you ever wonder if your dog needs to wrap up? Or got him to wear a coat already?

Most cocker spaniels can be pretty weather-proof even in sub-zero temperatures. Their double coat serves them well.

However, some dogs may benefit from a stylish top up if…
… they are young & have to be outside for longer then their typical short walk (a two month old pup would only need 10 minutes, so will be fine playing in the snow without a coat or jumper);
… they are senior & developed sensitivity to cold or suffer from arthritis;
… they are recovering from an illness or have an underlying health condition, for example underactive thyroid;
… the pooch is over or underweight;
… the dog was neutered – the overproduction of gonadotrophic hormones caused by the op affects thyroid stimulating hormone – and the gland function. Thyroid helps the body maintain its temperature. If this function is altered, so is the body’s response to the temperature changes;
… the coat of a cocker was clipped, which removes the undercoat and also makes the resulting coat attract and trap the moisture;
… you walk in a thick wet snow that can cover the fur with huge snowballs and make your spaniel uncomfortable.

Shivering is a sign that your pooch is cold and needs to be taken to a warm place as soon as possible.

The coat needs to be comfortable for your cocker. Remember that dogs see anything that covers and presses on their back as a possible dominant object. Make sure that the coat fits well, let the dog sniff it, be gentle when putting it on and whenever possible – take your spaniel for a walk straight away. No dog will ever enjoy wearing a coat but they can learn to associate a coat with a positive experience (i.e. a walk) & accept it in anticipation of something great and fun.


Photo credit: Fred photographed by me


Style outfit ideas for dog walking in fashion / Spring edition / Camel outfit ideas / Cashmere jumper, leather trousers, puff jacket, suede leather bag / Perfect cocker spaniel / pet blog (C) Natalia Ashton

Fashion guide to walking your dog in style | Autumn edition

Fashion is virtual. That’s official. But we can take a few style notes from the best of the best, dress up and keep the style alive. I thought of one of my favourite Hedi Slimane’s Celine collections as the starting point of this look. For any woman who wants to look beautiful and feel free. It’s a little bit of Parisian in London and a little bit of London girl in Paris… You choose the mood. I provide the clothes.

Outfit idea for walking dog in style inspired by Parisian style and london fashion, Celine & Hedi Slimane / Created with best finds from high street, vintage and designer / Cardigan, jeans, converse, classic white shirt / Perfect cocker spaniel blog for the love of English cocker spaniels, tips for cocker spaniels, breed, puppy, grooming guide (C) Natalia Ashton

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Image credit: Karen Arnold from Pixabay