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Healthy & easy cooling snack for your dog

If you can slice a cucumber (and have one around), you can make this delicious cooling snack for your dog in no time!

Take a cucumber.

Peel off the skin if it’s not organic or have been wrapped in plastic.

Cut into 2-mm slices

Place them on a plate or tray and place in a freezer

Once frozen, treat your spaniel to a fabulous healthy snack that will keep him hydrated and cool!

Puppies over 3 months old and dogs who have never tried cucumber before should start with 1 slice per day.

Cucumber lovers can have 2-3 slices per day as too much can cause loose stools because cucumbers are full of water and fibre.

Only use fresh raw cucumbers, not pickled or preserved varieties.


Photo credit: Kai Reschke & monicor from Pixabay